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Drop off instructions

Drop off location is in Cottleville, MO; zip code 63304. My address will be sent to you automatically via email after purchase of your Preservation Reservation. 

We're very easy to find. Look for the white and black 2-story house with black garage doors. There is a bouquet drop box with vases of water by the porch swing.


Take a photo of your flowers once you've left them in the box and text it to me with the name on your order and any questions you may have. My phone number is on the wall above the drop box.


Shipping Instructions

You will automatically be sent shipping instructions and address after your Preservation Reservation is purchased and date is secure.


Fresh flowers must be shipped within two days of your event, either overnighted or two-day shipping (within 3 days if it’s a holiday weekend). Here is a link to a shipping calculator to compare USPS, UPS and FedEx rates. My zip code is 63304. Keep your flowers in water between prior to shipping and do not refrigerate.

  1. Pat dry/remove as much moisture as possible before placing your flowers in the box. In summer, additional moisture will cause mold to grow, and in winter excess moisture can freeze.

  2. Surround your flowers with bunched up paper towels, packing peanuts or news paper. Do not use airflow-restricting plastics, bubble wrap, or air packs. Fill the box to the top and don't forget the sides. (Pro tip: adding an icepack to the package significantly increases flower freshness upon delivery in July, August and September. Tape the pack to one of the sides so it doesn’t crush your flowers.)

  3. Add a piece of paper to your box with your name (the name on your order) and order number.

  4. Ship your flowers either 2 day shipping or overnight to the address that will be emailed to you upon completing your order. Do not choose the "sign on delivery" option.

*Pre-dried flowers do not need to be overnighted.





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